Horse riding: elections under tension at the French Federation

As the elections in the federations continue, in horse riding the tension is at its height, against the backdrop of cases of sexual violence.

The date of the elections to the presidency of the federation was slow to be unveiled (the last of the 28 voting days will be March 18) but the tone is already set.Candidate to his succession, Serge Lecomte fires his arrows.him to "leave the Federation to two sorcerer's apprentices, to incompetent people", proclaims the one who has been in office since 2004.

In his viewfinder, Anne de Sainte-Marie and Jacob Legros.But also, the Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, engaged in the fight against sexual violence, a subject who invited himself into the campaign.."We are going to laugh now, we are going to talk about sexual violence", announced at the microphone the host (apologizing in the wake) in charge of launching Serge Lecomte's campaign, on Friday January 8, as we did.told several witnesses.

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That day, the outgoing president evokes the case of Loïc Caudal and qualifies as "non-event" the conviction in 2014 of the former educator of Suresnes (the club headed by Lecomte) to 15 days suspended for sexual assault on a minor.A minor whom Lecomte systematically specifies that she was “17 and a half years old.” According to our witnesses, the president is careful not to specify that his former employee received a second sentence in 2017 (one year in prison suspended sentence for sexual assault on three minors) and prohibited from teaching, he was hired by the FFE as a driver of advertising vehicles, as revealed by Mediapart in May 2020.Serge Lecomte, whom we joined, s' is refused to comment.

Posted Date: 2021-01-18

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